May 2021

May 18, 2021
Chairman Dewayne Goodwin called the meeting to order at 2: p.m. via online webinar meeting/in-person in the Cullman County E911 Administration Building located at 604 Seventh Avenue, SW, Cullman, Alabama.

Roll was called to establish a quorum and members present were Dewayne Goodwin, Dana W. Phillips, Barry Slatton, Kenneth Nail, and Keith Creel. Also present were Gordon L. Sandlin, Administrative Director; Roger C. Humphrey, Administrative Advisor; Jackie Burnham,
Administrative Assistant; Katheryn Key, City of Hanceville; and Roy W. Williams, Jr., Board Attorney. Chairman Dewayne Goodwin welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Review and approval of the minutes and expenses since April 2021 meeting.

Sandlin reported a subpoena received from the Cullman County District Attorney for 911 calls pertaining to a motor vehicle crash. Subpoena was forwarded to Board Attorney Williams and after consultation, copy of the calls were made and forwarded to the Cullman County District Attorney’s office.

Sandlin reported a subpoena received from the Circuit Court of Cullman County in the case of Michael C. Hooper versus Robert Wycoff et al for 911 calls. Copy of subpoena was forwarded to Board Attorney Williams for further action. Motion filed to quash.

Sandlin and Humphrey briefed the Board on the recent bills introduced for legislation and other potential legislative issues including the SAVE Act.

Sandlin gave an update of the wireless telephone 911 calls made in Cullman County in April 2021.

Sandlin reported problems with receiving SIP calls at CEMS. Technician was contacted to research and resolve.

Sandlin reported that letters were sent to each agency authorizing Road Sign Allocations and requests have been received and paid. Sandlin briefed the Board concerning an invoice from Garden City received after the cut-off date. Board approved Garden City receipt and payment, set a cut-off date of March 31st for each year hereafter, and invoices received after the cut-off date will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the Board’s discretion.

The 2021 Cullman County Map Book is at the printer and the staff has reviewed a draft. New books may be available to the public by the end of the month.

Sandlin reported that the Pictometry/Eagleview Flyover/Imagery is 100% complete and still waiting for delivery.

Board approved hazard pay for all full-time employees of $1,500.00 to assist employees due to the SARS/COVID outbreak.

Sandlin recommended establishing a mobile PSAP with the county’s mobile command center through a MEVO kit to assist in several county-wide events. Board approved a quote from Indigital for one kit that will service four consoles with the SIM card to be purchased separately and to absorb the annual reoccurring costs.

Sandlin briefed the Board on the progress of the grant for the PSAP’s for purchasing consoles capable of toning departments. The CCSO’s and CCCC’s have been fully installed.

Sandlin briefed the Board on an issue with annexations and their associated fire departments. Board approved a resolution that the Town or City provide the Cullman County 911 Board with a copy of the annexation ordinance, and certification of the notification of the homeowners, and the fire departments. Rule will be revisited upon request.

The NENA National Conference and Expo is scheduled for July 23-29, 2021 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Anyone planning to attend, contact Jackie.

The 93rd ACCA Conference is scheduled for August 24-26, 2021 at the Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama and will be in person for County Commissioners only.

Sandlin reported that the 2021 APCO Annual Conference and Expo is August 15-18 in San Antonio, Texas. Anyone planning to attend, contact Jackie.

Sandlin informed the Board that the AAND Board voted to meet separate for the 93rd ACCA Conference scheduled for August 24-26, 2021 and during the same dates. The housing and break-out sessions will be at the Gulf State Lodge in Gulf Shores, Alabama. If you want to attend, please let Jackie know.

The Alabama Gulf Coast Conference at the Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama is scheduled for October 10-13, 2021. Anyone planning to attend, contact Jackie.

The Board approved two driving days to San Antonio, Texas, valet parking, and the purchase of advertising merchandise for the national conferences.

Board will bring iPads in for update installation and maintenance.

Attorney Williams reported that there are no additional legal issues that will affect the E9-1-1 Board of Commissioners.

March 2021 financial reports were presented.

April 2021 PSAP summary report was presented.

The meeting adjourned at 3:19 p.m.

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