Your Cullman County Board of Commissioners invites you to a brief history of the Cullman E-9-1-1 System:

  1. In November of 1986 the people of Cullman County voted to establish an emergency communications system for the County under the E-9-1-1 configuration. Approximately 10 months later, September 18, 1987, the Cullman County Commission Chairman signed a resolution establishing the “Cullman County E-9-1-1 Emergency Service System” and placing himself with responsibility of operating the system.
  2. Approximately three months later, January 1988, work began in the location data base for the system using the U.S. Postal Service’s route and box number along with a narrative of directions to get to the caller’s physical location. After determining that this approach was not compatible with the urban configuration of an E-9-1-1 system, the Cullman County Commission and the Telephone Company investigated several possible solutions.
  3. In April, 1989 a decision was made by the County Commission to establish a Board of E-9-1-1 Commissioners to manage the system. The County Commission began a search for prospective Board Members who had experience in public service organizations, communications/computer experience, and were knowledgeable in the area of those emergency operations that an E-9-1-1 System would deal with on a daily basis. On June 26, 1989, the Cullman County Commission amended the resolution of September, 1987 to place the responsibility of the Cullman County E-9-1-1 Emergency Service System in the control of a seven member Board of Commissioners. In August of that year, the E-9-1-1 Board established a series of objectives that would lead to a reliable and economical Cullman County E-9-1-1 System.
  4. After reviewing the existing information, educating themselves on the limitations and flexibility of the E-9-1-1 telephone computer system , and studying the various contractual agreements that would be necessary, the Board put into motion a plan to establish the basic database, install the equipment, and put the system on-line for public use.
  5. The Board agreed to the use of named streets inside incorporated areas and numbered roads in the county. Single and double digit road numbers are in the southwest corner of the county, and the largest numbers are in the northwest part of the county.
  6. The first E-9-1-1 call was received June 1991. Since that time approximately 100,000 emergency calls have been taken by the four public service answering points.

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