March 2022

March 15, 2022
Call to Order and Welcome: Chairman Dewayne Goodwin called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. via Zoom/in-person meeting at the Cullman County E911 Administration Building located at 604 Seventh Avenue, SW, Cullman, Alabama.
Public Comments from Citizens: None at this time.
Call of Roll to Establish a Quorum: Members present were Dewayne Goodwin, Barry Slatton, Keith Creel, Kenneth Nail, Dana W. Phillips, Samuel Tucker, and Terry Bentley. Also present were Gordon L. Sandlin, Administrative Director; Roger C. Humphrey, Administrative Advisor; Jackie Burnham, Administrative Assistant; Kayla Smith, GIS Technician; and Steve Gunn, Hanceville Police Department. Chairman Dewayne Goodwin welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Review and Approval of the Minutes and Expenses: Tucker made motion to approve the February 15, 2022, minutes. Nail seconded; motion passed unanimously. There were no unbudgeted expenses since the last meeting. Sandlin informed the Board that a Board vehicle had to have repair work.
Public Petitions:
• Sandlin reported a subpoena and court order from the Circuit Court of Blount County, in the case of Sonia Torres versus Yessica Hernanadez, for 911 calls on October 18, 2017. Copy of the subpoena and court order was forwarded to Board Attorney Williams for further action.
Legislative Review:
• Humphrey briefed the Board on the latest State Board meeting held March 9, 2022.
• Sandlin briefed the Board on the recent 911 activities, including HB414 and SB240.
Wireless Update: 96% of all 9-1-1 calls made in Cullman County in February 2022 were made using a cellular telephone.
PSAP Information: Sandlin distributed a summary of PSAP equipment problems reported since last Board meeting.
Executive Director Report:
• Sandlin has asked AT&T for pricing to change T