January 2021


January 19, 2021

Chairman Dewayne Goodwin called the meeting to order at 2:14 p.m. via online webinar meeting in the Cullman County E911 Administration Building located at 604 Seventh Avenue, SW,

Cullman, Alabama.

Roll was called to establish a quorum and members present were Dewayne Goodwin, Dorothy Maddox, Dana W. Phillips, Samuel Tucker, and Keith Creel. Also present were Gordon L. Sandlin, Administrative Director; Roger C. Humphrey, Administrative Advisor; Jackie Burnham; Johnny C. Fricke, Jr., Fricke, Sweatmon & Company P. C.; Amber Smith, Cullman County Sheriff’s Office; and Roy W. Williams, Jr., Board Attorney. Chairman Dewayne Goodwin

welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Review and approval of the minutes and expenses since December 2020 meeting. Sandlin reported no unbudgeted expenses.

Fricke, Sweatmon & Co., P. C. presented the FY 2020 audit. Board accepted the audit and thanked Fricke for their services.

Sandlin reported a subpoena from the Circuit Court of Cullman County had been received in the case of Marion Raceene Peak versus Marion Charles Peak for 911 calls. Board Attorney Williams reported that the subpoena was quashed.

Sandlin reported a Cullman County District Attorney subpoena for 911 calls had been received by the Cullman County Sheriff’s Department pertaining to a domestic disturbance on December 5, 2020. After consultation with Board Attorney Williams, copy was made and released to the District Attorney’s Office.

Sandlin briefed the Board on recent legislative activity regarding 911. The State of Alabama Coronavirus Relief Fund Reimbursement form and attachments were submitted December 23, 2020 and a confirmation of receipt has been received. Sandlin will update at the next regular meeting.

Sandlin gave an update of the wireless telephones 911 calls made in Cullman County in December 2020.

Sandlin reported to the Board that beginning January 1, 2021, the Board health, dental, and supplemental insurances implemented increases. After Board discussion, Board approved to absorb the cost of the increases without cost to the employees.

Sandlin reported that letters were sent to each agency authorizing Road Sign Allocations and one request has been received and paid.

Sandlin reported that the PSAP Rent Allocation checks were distributed to all the PSAP agencies.

Sandlin updated the Board on the proposal from the Cullman Electric Cooperative. No response has been received.

Sandlin reported that the Pictometry/Eagleview Flyover/Imagery is being scheduled for early 2021.

Sandlin reported that the installation of a fourth answering position at the City of Cullman Communication Centering will be coordinated with other installations.

AT&T is working with Indigital to configure the VIPERS to receive SIP calls. The equipment has been received at the business office and an installation date is set for early February 2021.

Sandlin reported that the grant proposal to assist the PSAP’s in purchasing consoles capable of

toning agencies regarding 911 information was released to the agencies and the City of Cullman’s Communication Center submitted information for a draw down for their consoles.

Sandlin reported that the Board approved recorders will be installed in coordination with the SIP call delivery, and the fourth call station at the City of Cullman’s Communication Center.

Sandlin reported that Database Manager Donna Smithson gave the yearly address report for FY2020. The Board thanked Smithson for a job well done.

Attorney Williams reported that there are no additional legal issues that will affect the E9-1-1- Board of Commissioners.

Sandlin researched potential institutions on CD rates for government monies and Board approved two banks to add one CD each.

Administrative Assistant will be added to checking account signature card. September, October, and November 2020 financial reports were presented. The meeting adjourned at 3:18 p.m.

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