January 2022

  • • Sandlin reported that an affidavit was received from Stephen Barnett requesting a copy of a 911 call he made on November 13, 2021. After consulting with Board Attorney Williams, a copy of the call was made and released to Mr. Barnett. 

Legislative Review: 

  • • Sandlin briefed the Board on the recent 911 activities. Sandlin plans to attend the Alabama NENA Quarterly meeting, Thursday, January 20, 2022, in Birmingham, Alabama. 
  • • Sandlin informed the Board that the yearly ECD certification has been sent to the State Board. 

Wireless Update: 97% of all 9-1-1 calls made in Cullman County in December 2021 were made using a cellular telephone. 

PSAP Information: Sandlin distributed a summary of PSAP equipment problems reported since last Board meeting. 

Executive Director Report: 

  • • Sandlin reported that the letters were sent to each agency authorizing road sign allocations. The cut-off date for invoicing the Cullman County E911 Board is March 31, 2022. None have been received or paid at this time. 
  • • Sandlin reported that the PSAP rent allocation checks were distributed to all primary PSAP agencies. 
  • • Sandlin reported that the Board’s 2012 Chevrolet vehicle has been transferred to the Cullman County Commission on Aging. 


Board Attorney Report: 

  • • Attorney Williams reported that there were no additional legal issues that will affect the E911 Board of Commissioners. 

October and November 2021 financial reports were reviewed. 

December 2021 PSAP reports were reviewed. 

Adjourn: Bentley made motion to adjourn. Creel seconded; motion passed unanimously. Chairman Goodwin adjourned the meeting at 2:30 p.m. 

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